It’s not just a mosaic factory, it’s a whole world inspired by mosaic! Exploiting the artisan technology of Murano glass, the company has embodied it into mosaic manufacturing, creating its own unique workflow. Currently, SICIS is an Art Factory, producing world-famous hand-made artistic decors, exclusive furniture, lamps, and even jewelry with micro mosaics. All 100% of the production is located in Ravenna.

Selected catalogs for SICIS

Sicis Memorabilia 2024

Elegant Outdoors, Kitchens, Carpets, Fabrics, Sofas, Decorative Lamps - A Variety Of Colors And Shapes In The New Sicis Home Collection

Sicis Wardrobe Wonders 2024

Wardrobe Solutions

Sicis Gem Glass & OniGem 2023

Vetrite glass panels with patterns of rare stones and crystals. ⚡ v. '23

Sicis ColorPedia 2023

Sicis Mosaic Encyclopedia, structured by colors. ⚡ v. '23

Sicis Doors 2023

Vetrite Glass Panel Sliding Door Collection

Sicis Pools 2023

Mosaic Pools

expo Sicis iSaloni 2023

Tour Of The Furniture Stand At iSaloni 2023

Sicis Vetrite

The Main Range Of Vetrite Glass Panels

Sicis Vetrite Tiles 2023

Vetrite Glass Panels In Basic Tile Sizes

Sicis Selection 01

Selection Of Sicis Sofas

Sicis Amazing Rooms 5

Loud novelties in furniture, lighting, and fabrics from a legendary factory

Sicis Bakst

Seven canvases by Leon Bakst, executed in mosaic

Sicis Vetrite U-profile

Decorative U-shaped glass modules

Sicis Drop Battery Lamp

A portable luminaire in the form of a Venetian lantern

Sicis NiteLite

Modern stained glass solutions made from semi-transparent mosaic

Sicis Diamond

Solutions made from the rhombus-shaped mosaic

Sicis Crystal

Hexagonal Mosaic Solutions

Sicis NeoGlass

Combinations of circular, oval, square mosaic, and star patterns

Sicis Shades

Modern female figures in mosaic art

Sicis Philippe Table 400

A 4-meter table made of Vetrite with illumination

Sicis Gemma

Collection Of Lamps Gemma

Sicis Ballet Lamp

Collection Of Ballet Lamps

Sicis Botero

Botero Modular Sofas

Sicis Outdoor

Outdoor Furniture Collection

Sicis Milton

Modular Sofas Milton

Sicis Mars

Mars Coffee Table Collection

Sicis Dorian

Dorian Modular Sofas

Sicis Island

Island Modular Sofas

Sicis Prestige

Modular Sofas Prestige

Sicis Visconti

Modular Sofas Visconti

Sicis Zeno

Modular Sofas Zeno

Sicis Wonderful

A collection of mosaic bestsellers from Sicis

Sicis Basic

Exquisite combinations of circular and oval mosaic with marble

Sicis Tessere

Collection Of Exclusive Fabrics Sicis

Sicis SiciStone

Marble modules integrated with mosaic design

Sicis Jakuchu

Interpretation of works by the Japanese artist Ito Jakuchu in mosaic art

Sicis Rug

Luxurious mosaic carpets

Sicis Gold

Golden solutions in the interior from Sicis

Sicis Cosmati

Symmetrical radial patterns made of marble and enamel

Sicis Art Couture

Extravagantly luxurious mosaic solutions

Sicis Bar

Sicis cocktail station designed by Marco Lucchi

Sicis Marilyn Pop

Mosaic Pop Art interpretations of the legendary Milton Greene's photography with Marilyn Monroe

Sicis Deep Sea

Marine motifs in pixel mosaic

Sicis Emphasis

Particularly outstanding mosaic works by Sicis

Arte by Sicis

Mosaic variations of works by famous artists and sculptors of the 20th century

Sicis AtmoSphera

Pendant and floor lamps with mosaic decor

Sicis Bath and More

Collection of luxurious bathtubs decorated with mosaic

Sicis iSaloni de Mobile 2022

Review of the Sicis booth at the iSaloni 2022 exhibition in Milan

Sicis Milan showroom

Review of the flagship showroom of Sicis in Milan

Sicis Amaretto

Art edition of Amaretto chairs series

Sicis Amaretto Lamp

Decorative luminaires from the Amaretto series

Sicis LifEssence I

Realized projects

Sicis LifEssence II

Realized hotels, pools, and spas

Sicis Fibers

Patterns made from glass and marble sticks

Sicis Structura

Combinations of various-sized mosaics

Flower Power

Floral fantasies in mosaic art

Sicis OrienTale

Floral ornaments inspired by the East of the 18th-19th centuries

Sicis Skyline

Panoramas of modern cities in monochromatic pixel mosaic

Sicis iPix

Pixelated diversity of mosaic ornaments

Sicis Butterfly

A butterfly as a mosaic art object

Sicis Blends

Mosaic mixes and gradients

Sicis Circus

The circus has come to us!

Sicis Classic Marble

Classical patterns made from marble mosaic

Sicis Colibri HD

Pixel ornaments made from Colibri mosaic

Sicis Colibri

Shine, color, and luxury in patterns from Clibri mosaic

Sicis Fumetto

Comics made from the mosaic

Sicis Hedonism

Revealing images in the mosaic, 18+

Sicis Icons

Mannequin, as an Art object

Sicis Mediterranea

Mediterranean floral patterns in pixel mosaic

Sicis Metallismo

Collection of metallic mosaic

Sicis Sheer Glass

Imaginative designs made from semi-transparent mosaic

Sicis Mirrors

Mirrors in mosaic frames

Sicis Vetrite Electric Marble

Marble texture with colored metallic veins in Vetrite

Sicis Papillons

Butterflies in marble rosettes and carpets

Sicis PixALL

Pixelated mosaic ornaments

Sicis Vetrite Tile Jungle Warrior

Vetrite with leopard texture in tile format

Sicis Arcimboldo

Seven mosaic variations inspired by the unique works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Sicis Interior Lighting 2019

General Catalog Of Decorative Lamps

Sicis Drop

Drop Lamp Collection

Sicis Amazing Rooms 4

Collections Of Furniture, Light And Fabrics. Volume 4

Sicis Amazing Rooms 3

Collections Of Furniture, Light And Fabrics. Volume 3

Sicis Amazing Rooms 2

Collections Of Furniture, Light And Fabrics. Volume 2