High-tech company, which dictates current trends in bathroom design. The factory is a cradle of family traditions and knowledge being transferred from generation to generation. The company offers the broadest range of products from bathroom furniture and mirrors to fireplaces and frescoes, this is a 100% total look! Only the best designers work with the factory: Carlo Colombo, Gumdesign, Domenico De Palo, Mario Ferrarini, Nevio Tellatin, and many others.

Selected catalogs for Antoniolupi

Antoniolupi Generale 1

Modern plumbing, volume 1

Antoniolupi Generale 2

Modern plumbing, volume 2

Antoniolupi Pocket 024

Minimalistic Bathroom From The Legend Factory

Antoniolupi iSalone 023

The First Collection Of Home Furniture

Antoniolupi Mirrors 023

Mirror As An Art Object

Antoniolupi Generale 3

Modern plumbing, volume 3