MIA Italia

MIA Italia

“Nobility and quality” - this is the company’s motto. All the best in the manual production of classical bathroom furniture. Any non-standard and tailor-made solutions are turned into reality every day, thanks to the factory’s handcraft masters.

Selected catalogs for MIA Italia

Mia Italia Balance

Architectural collection of bathroom furniture Balance

Mia Italia Kilim

Ornamental motifs of Persian carpets in bathroom furniture

Mia Italia Portofino

Bathroom furniture Portofino. Collection update

Mia Italia Porta Nuova

The Porta Nuova series by Dima Loginoff

Mia Italia news 2022

New series of bathroom furniture

Mia Italia Classic

Classical compositions in bathroom furniture

Mia Italia Luxury

Luxury in bathroom furniture

Mia by Dima Loginoff

Three refined collections of bathroom furniture by Dima Loginoff