Princess’ Favorite: The Story Of Guccio Collection By Bertocci 

Every fashion lover who takes inspiration from historical fashion products knows the legendary Gucci Bamboo bag… But did you know what connects this iconic brand with the Italian bath accessories factory Officina Bertocci? 

Officina Bertocci 

Founded in 1929 by Arnolfo Bertocci, the company started production of hardware hinges and only a few years later the bathroom accessories were added to the range, which in the 1940s became indispensable articles for the bathroom. This extension of the range gives the company the turning point that in a few years projects it throughout the world as a pioneer and then leader in the bathroom accessories sector. 

Every collection is created by passion, abundance and ambition, and the Guccio Collection is no exception. 

The History Of Guccio Collection 

It was the 1950s when a Florentine maison introduced and inserted bamboo as a detail for fashion accessories. Officina Bertocci used Bamboo as a characterizing element of the Guccio collection both for its aesthetic appearance and for its high resistance. It takes, in fact, no damage neither from sharp changes in temperature nor from the humidity of the air.  

An interesting fact is that this bamboo is delivered right from the fashion house of Gucci, which makes the collection really iconic and at the same time sustainable because 100% of bamboo is used while creating products in both factories.

But let’s take one step back and discover why Bamboo material is so iconic nowadays. 

The History Of The Gucci Bamboo Bag

Gucci bags with bamboo handles were launched in 1947 as a response to the post-war crisis. The Italian economy was going through a difficult path that made the Gucci family experiment with materials to reduce the cost of production. This is how the Gucci Bamboo bag was born to become instantly popular. It also inspired thoughts about traveling, which used to be practically unavailable.

Princess Diana’s Favorite

Princess Diana’s beloved roomy tote with bamboo handles was released in 1991. In the early 90s, this bag became a part of the Princess’s signature style – the accessory embodies her spirit of freedom and courage in choosing outfits in the course of her estrangement from the royal family. The Princess of Wales wore it either to a full-dress meeting, shopping, or training. Diana’s fashion looks prove this bag to be a perfect companion for every day.

Gucci Diana

On July 1, 2021, Princess Diana would have turned 60. To celebrate this event and to pay tribute to the Princess, Gucci renamed the tote bag with bamboo handles in Gucci Diana and released its updated version. Removable neon leather straps around the bamboo handles distinguish the novelty. It’s a sort of homage to the fixing ribbons that came with the kit to maintain the shape of the handles.

Connection Of Beauty And Elegance In Your Bathroom 

The fascinating intertwining of history, fashion, and design has given rise to the Guccio Collection by Officina Bertocci, a remarkable showcase of innovation and craftsmanship. This collection captures the essence of Italian luxury and connects it to the iconic Gucci Bamboo bag, a symbol of timeless elegance. 

Officina Bertocci’s journey from a humble hardware hinges producer to a global leader in bathroom accessories reflects their passion, ambition, and commitment to quality. It serves as a bridge between the worlds of fashion and home decor, uniting history, elegance, and sustainability in a truly remarkable manner.

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