Milano Design Week’24: Novelties From Magis

At the 2024 Salone del Mobile, Magis opens the doors of its stand once again to present all the new products developed over recent years. Mixed together, the vision of living they create is always fresh and never conventional.

Let’s take a look at the main novelties and collaborations of Magis during Milano Design Week 2024. All materials are available for downloading and sharing (link at the end of the article).

Twain Chair by Konstantin Grcic

Although it takes its inspiration from the classic Safari Chair, Twain, the armchair designed by Konstantin Grcic, also available in a version created in collaboration with Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, takes its design a step further to become a study in sustainability.

Elegant, practical and eco-friendly, Twain brings together a mix of natural materials: wood, leather and fabric. The structure consists of a frame in natural or black interlocking spindles in solid beech, held in tension by a strap and ratchet. The armrests consist of two strips of leather.

The textile part consists of a seat and backrest in self-supporting fabric, with seat cushion and backrest cover in removable fabric and, finally, for the version made with Hella Jongerius, a draped cover in two unique patterns designed by her specifically for this project.

Coves Mirrors by Guglielmo Poletti

Coves, the new collection of ceramic mirrors, is the first project of Guglielmo Poletti for Magis, bringing together craftsmanship and contemporary design in a timeless combination.

Inspired by the frames of the past, the product reworks the typical shape of the cove profile, translating it into an expression of elegant functionality.

The distinctive feature of the project is, in fact, the concave profile of the frame, whose configuration allows to achieve a small shelf integrated into the mirror. This detail enhances not only its aesthetic qualities but also its versatility, allowing to hang each mirror both vertically and horizontally, depending on context or preference.

Produced entirely in Nove, a city famous for the production of decorative ceramics, the collection consists of three mirrors, two rectangular (60×80 cm) and one square (60×60 cm), in three colors with a glossy finish. Each mirror is finished and painted entirely by hand, in total harmony with the spirit of the Magis: once again, cutting edge industrial techniques meet the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship.

Lastly, in the interest of sustainability, its method of assembly is designed to be completely glue-free: the mirrors can be easily disassembled to replace any part if necessary, promoting the product’s longevity and facilitating the recycling process at the end of its lifespan.

All-Round Table by From Industrial Design

The concept and shape of the new aluminum table designed by From Industrial Design for Magis is reflected in its name: All-Round.

Created to suit countless contexts and to complement any kind of chair, All-Round embodies the ability to transcend time and trends in a neutral and versatile aesthetic, with “a unifying and modern idea of community”, as designers Cesare Bizzotto and Tobias Nitsche explain.

Both the top and monolithic central columns are crafted from aluminum sheets using spin-forming technology and have a brushed and anodized finish that enhances the material’s beauty, highlighting its understated yet characterful nature.

Costume Sofa by Stefan Diez

Costume, the sofa collection designed by Stefan Diez, who has made modularity and recycled his signature, is back at the 2024 Salone del Mobile. This completely new version has a more residential and inviting feel and is also available in an outdoor version.

Tied to its innovative and now well-established design approach, the new sofa designed by Stefan Diez maintains the concept of a tailored modular approach but increases its comfort, resulting in an even more cozy and casual mood. In recycled and recyclable polyethylene, it now features a deeper seat, created by adding a molded recycled plastic backrest with an entirely new shape to the existing ottoman section.

Featuring the same construction characteristics as the previous Costume modules, it can be accessorized with larger cushions.

Costume’s production waste origins are in full alignment with the concept of the circular economy. And it fulfills the ideas and desires of everyone, in true Magis style.

In-Side Outdoor Collection by Thomas Heatherwick

Beyond a simple outdoor collection, this is a manifesto of innovation, technology, experimentation and creativity.

In-Side is an invitation to explore its two dimensions: the exterior, and the interior which is revealed on the side. The material is a blend of part post-consumer recycled polyethylene and part post-production recycled polyethylene in multi-colored flakes, created through careful research and experimentation.

Each piece should therefore be considered unique, as the configuration and color of the flakes vary from piece to piece.

The collection includes a chair, a sofa and a low table, all designed to withstand the outdoors. The generous dimensions and ergonomic forms of these pieces make them perfect for enjoying the summer, while the focus on details and sustainability enhances their uniqueness.

The clever wordplay of its name encapsulates its attractive and innovative spirit, taking the genius loci of the Magis to new heights: experimentation, creativity, and pure innovation, with a focus on sustainability.

Tacito Storage Furniture by Alessandro Stabile

“When looking at storage furniture, what we usually call sideboards, I couldn’t help noticing the hinges which allow the doors to open: these standard metal mechanisms detracted from the overall elegance of the product”, says designer Alessandro Stabile.

And the hinge is indeed the unique aspect of Tacito, the new project designed by Alessandro Stabile: a collection of five pieces of storage furniture designed for the living space, the kitchen and the office.

Four years of prototypes, an invention patent, three injection molds, an extrusion die, a bending mold, four thermoforming molds and two cold-cutting dies. In the words of Eugenio Perazza, Tacito is a “Better Normal”, whose simplicity of form reveals the greatness of its intelligent and cutting-edge design.

A design with powerful aesthetic and material appeal, as well as a clear functional value: Tacito offers the utmost practicality and remarkable acoustic comfort owing to the sound-absorbing material of its doors. Without a doubt, the doors represent its key innovation: made with compressed recycled polyester using the same technology used to make sound-absorbing panels, they are entirely sheathed in fabric, front and back, as part of a single production process.

The fabric therefore becomes both an aesthetic and technical component, acting as a connecting hinge.

Pilo Table by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Minimalism is the keyword that Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have been inspired by for the design of Pilo, an essential and versatile table available in different sizes that echoes the simple, light shapes and materials of the Pila chair.

The use of wood, with its clear, clean lines, makes the Pilo table elegant and timeless.

This year, a new all-black version is added to the sizes and finishes already in the catalog, with a 150 cm diameter top in MDF veneered in ash.

Riace Sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Riace, an ode to the beauty of the town with its famous Warrior statues, is a short-circuit of dynamic rigor. Equally sculptural and sinuous, the Riace sofa has a slender white bronze frame supporting a seemingly-suspended, wide upholstered seat and backrest.

First presented in 2022, this year Riace comes in a smaller version, 220 cm wide and with a straight seat. Shape and size fit perfectly to both domestic and contract spaces.

Once again, an impeccable balance between seriousness and lightness defines the style of the two designers, creating an instantly familiar, exciting and vibrant atmosphere.

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