The international agency Futura Casa is a professional b2b representation of European companies of the interiors industry in the territory of the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

The portfolio of Futura Casa brands includes the leading European premium manufacturers, representing bathroom furniture, plumbing and sanitary ware, shower systems, swimming pools, bathroom accessories, furniture for living spaces, lighting, as well as mosaic, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

An international team of Futura Casa renders services of professional counseling for architects, designers, dealers and is ready to provide all necessary information about the products of brands upon request. Employees of Futura Casa agency always stay connected to respond quickly to urgent customer problems – from the initial acquaintance with a brand and new directories to the exact technical advice on size, equipment and non-standard decisions.

Futura Casa makes working with premium interior design products more simple, clear and fast. Now, instead of complex and lengthy inquiries to be sent to factories, it is enough to apply to Futura Casa, where you can get a quick and professional response in order to comfortably solve issues in respect of all brands. Additionally, Futura Casa agency is a complete information pool, including a directory database, technical documentation, 3D-models, diagrams and other materials in electronic form.

Free services for architects and designers:

1. Educational workshops, invitations to promotions and professional events.

2. Operational consulting in real time on any products shown in the brand line of Futura Casa: by mail or by phone.

3. Personal meetings and individual counseling for architects and designers on all products of represented factories. Direct communication, which helps to immediately solve problems.

4. Provision of open access to a special information pool, which contains basic materials of factories in electronic form. All electronic materials on the website http://futura.casa are constantly updated.

5. Assistance in choosing an optimal dealer.

6. Assistance in the support and protection of the project.

7. Professional tours to European production facilities and showrooms.

Free services for dealers:

1. Provision of necessary directories and working materials.

2. Training of employees, holding workshops for staff, acquaintance with products of represented brand lines.

3. Operational advice on all issues raised by customers.

4. Timely informing about the changes and updates in the brand line.

5. Assistance in support of the project.

Services for factories and manufacturers:

1. Full range of marketing support in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

2. Marketing tasks associated with product development and development of an individual marketing strategy, taking into account the market peculiarities.

3. Full range of promotion: advertising campaign, PR, direct sales, feedback from the customer, support and sales support.

4. Market research: analysis of demand, competitors’ offerings, customers and brand position.

5. Tasks for training of different interested specialists – dealers, as well as architects and designers working with the product.

6. Joint promotion with the line of top brands from the “premium” interior segment.


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